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Be careful when passing a school bus in NYC!

Why You Really Don’t Want To Illegally Pass A School Bus In NYC This Fall

Schools Almost here… New York City has a lot of kids and with that comes a lot of school buses. As the new school year inches closer, roads will soon see a lot more traffic. Unfortunately, this increases the possibility of terrible traffic and pedestrian accidents on our city streets.

Slow Zones are areas where drivers must take precautions.

NYC Slow Zones And How They Change The Way We Use Our Streets

Slow Zones Are Making New York City Streets Safer Over the past 15 years, New York City has ambitiously redesigned miles of city streets and urban space. Nonetheless, the city still struggles with congestion and pedestrian safety issues. With growing public concern across the board, the city has implemented new programs

The speed camera program expired to the chagrin of many advocates

NYC’s Speed Camera Program Shut Down To the Chagrin Of Many

Too Little, too late…The Cameras Have Expired The clock continues to tick on since NYC’s school speed camera program shut down on July 25th. Until state senators and lawmaker take action and call a vote on its extension, the program remains shut down. This also means that the city no

Always drive safely in a school zone

How to Drive Safely in A NYC School Zone

School Zones Should Be Safe Spaces It should come as no surprise that all NYC drivers should take extra care when driving in school zones and other areas where students frequent. Afterall, there is no reason to drive dangerously around schools and the city wants drivers to know that. The city