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Always drive safely in a school zone

How to Drive Safely in A NYC School Zone

School Zones Should Be Safe Spaces It should come as no surprise that all NYC drivers should take extra care when driving in school zones and other areas where students frequent. Afterall, there is no reason to drive dangerously around schools and the city wants drivers to know that. The city

Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

How To Get A Parking Permit For Drivers With Disabilities

Parking Tickets and Disabilities in NYC Driving in New York City is already tough, but if you are a driver with disabilities, it can really be a nightmare. Many drivers take for granted the ease and accessibility they may have while navigating the city. Nonetheless, many are unaware of the

alternate side parking street sweeper sweeping

Alternate Side Parking in New York City

Alternate Side Parking If you drive in New York City, you certainly partake in the mass, never-ending search for that coveted prime parking spot. How many times have you found yourself aimlessly driving around city blocks looking for parking? You know how it is!  New Yorkers deal with a long list