These Drivers Took Parking Hacks A Bit too Far…

Some parking hacks are better than others

Summary & Quick Facts

  • It’s great to be crafty but stick to the most legal strategies and hacks when trying to find parking and beat parking tickets.
  • Partaking in criminal activity to avoid parking tickets is the easiest way to get additional fines and criminal charges.
  • Check out our article for better parking hacks to find free parking in NYC.

The Struggles Of Driving In NYC  Are Real

Let’s face it, drivers in New York City got it tough. Between the steep car expenses, general lack of parking and onslaught of parking tickets, it ain’t easy to have a car in this city. With all the hurdles that city drivers have to jump, it goes without saying that we want all the help we can get. We all want to know the elusive secret that’s the key to free, easy parking in NYC. And the easiest ways to avoid a parking ticket. But not all parking hacks are what they seem, in fact, some are a bit more nefarious than others. Below we have a couple examples of parking hacks that you probably don’t want to try in NYC.


Is this Free Parking? Just Give Me A Sign!

Whatever your feelings about the struggle of driving and parking in the city may be, there are some parking hacks that may go a bit too far.  We all know how bad parking in the city can be. It’s nearly impossible to find a spot, especially on those terrible gridlock alert days. This leads people to take measures that range from the mundane to the nefarious.

Some of the innocuous parking strategies people may use include circling a block for an hour. But others choose the more nefarious route when it comes to parking hacks. People will go to great lengths to beat a parking or traffic ticket, in one case one person may have taken it a bit too far. The motorist seen here seems to have developed a particularly memorable parking hack. check it out below— Here, the driver skirts the NYC’s strict parking laws by simply removing the parking sign.

"Your Honor, I’m telling you there was no sign there" from nyc


The video, which was posted on Reddit back in Septemeber, shows the man unscrewing the parking sign from a pole that sits right in front of his car. While we can never condone such activity, we must say this one crafty way to avoid a $50 ticket.  While many think this parking hack is quite humorous, some think there is more to this nefarious driver’s antics. Some commenters on the page have pushed the theory that the sign wasn’t even legal in the first place. Commenters claim the man may have put the sign to stop people from parking there, thereby saving his precious space when he’s not using it.


Now This Parking Hack Won’t Go Far in NYC…

Drivers go to great lengths to hack parking in NYC. But what about parking tickets? Every NYC driver has felt the painful experience: getting a parking ticket will fill you with rage. For this reason, drivers in NYC live life expecting to constantly get a parking ticket for literally anything. Nevertheless, one woman believes that she has figured out a way to avoid ever getting a parking ticket.

The woman, known as Keidy on Twitter, decided to show the world her parking hack. What’s her parking hack secret? She simply puts what looks like a ticket under her windshield wipers. It looks like the idea is that when traffic enforcement officers see it, they will believe she has already been ticketed. Take a look at the tweet below shared by Keidy.

However, we aren’t that convinced. For one, while this may work in the town or city she is from, NYC is quite a different story. Drivers here know that if you park in the wrong spot for a little too long, you may end up with multiple parking tickets for the same offense.


Some Parking Hacks Are Better (And More Lega) Than Others

Sometimes, its just better to follow the laws and not do what these drivers above have done. You’re better off, knowing the law and legal ways around it than just taking it into your own hands.  At the end of the day, by taking matters too far, you risk not only facing additional fines, in the case of our crafty vandal above, but you may also even face serious criminal charges. While we all do want to get over on the parking rat race that drivers have to engage in, there are better ways to hack the parking craze in the city.


What do you think of these drivers antics? Let us know in the comments below!

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