What All Junior Drivers In NYC Should Know..

Drive safe junior drivers!

Summary & Quick Facts

  • Traffic penalties are a little harsher for junior drivers than experienced adult drivers.
  • Junior Drivers and drivers with learners permit will have their license suspended for serious moving violations.
  • Junior Drivers should take their time when learning, drive safely and listen to more experienced. safe drivers!
  • Junior drivers should have 50 hours of supervised driving practice for those under age 18.

School’s Back…

As school comes back into session in NYC, more cars will soon hit the streets during the busy work and school week. While most younger New Yorkers opt for public transportation to get to school, there are still junior drivers out there lucky enough to whip it around town. Moreover, others have the opportunity to participate in driver’s ed courses at their school’s to become legal junior drivers. Fall is a great time to hit the books and learn how to become a better junior driver. Unfortunately, younger drivers out there have to deal with a little more than older drivers.


Younger Drivers Always Catch More Flack

Overall, teen drivers deal with many of the same parking and traffic ticket penalties as adult drivers. There’s a kicker however for younger drivers. Unfortunately, those penalties are a little harsher for junior drivers, particularly for traffic tickets. Of course, it may seem totally unfair and biased against younger drivers.

And yea! We know; it might feel like it is utterly unfair for the law to take privileges away from young drivers this early in the game. Especially if it’s for one major or two minor offenses, to some, the law is very harsh on young drivers.

However, if you look at it from a different point of view you may see the rationale behind it. After all, Junior drivers are still learning and haven’t clocked in much road time. Nevertheless, it’s important to instill good, safe driving habits early on. Doing so helps keep yourself, your friends and everyone else on the road safe.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that young drivers have a tendency to be more reckless and have more difficulty seeing the consequences of their actions than adult drivers. As such, the driving laws in New York are extra-stringent on drivers who hold junior licenses.


Rules That Junior Drivers Gotta To Follow

There are certain rules that junior drivers have to follow. If you have a junior learner permit or junior driver license. First, you may not drive with more than two passengers under age 21. You do have a little leeway though. They can ride along if they are members of your immediate family. You can also give two friends a lift if your accompanying driver is your licensed parent, guardian. The same goes for driver education teachers or driving school instructors. It sounds crazy, (and kinda funny) but these folks under law are “in loco parentis.” Basically, this means they are legal stand-ins for your parents.

Another thing to remember is that you and each passenger must wear a seat belt. One seatbelt per head. If your younger siblings are in the car and under age 4 they must ride in federally-approved child safety seats. Children under age 7 or over 40 lbs must use an appropriate child restraint system. Remember to keep your siblings in the back as well. The only passenger allowed in the front seat is your accompanying driver.


Penalties Junior Drivers Face

We’re not going to lie to you, the law really likes to flex on younger drivers. So take care out there! If you don’t stick to the rules and drive safely, you may face the heat. The city will suspend junior permit or license privileges for 60 days if a driver commits a serious traffic violation. This generally means a violation costs three points or more. The three strikes your out rule applies here too. If you have two other violations while you hold a junior permit or license.

It gets a little worse if you’ve gotten caught before. The city will revoke your junior permit or license privileges for 60 days if you catch another serious violation within the first six months after you receive your license or privileges back.

What Happens If You Get Caught Again?

If you are 18 or older when you pass your road test for a driver license or obtain a license after the first revocation, you will be probo (that’s slang for probation parents) for six months. If you get caught for speeding or reckless driving or have two other traffic violations while on probation, you’ll be on the hook again. The state will suspend your license for 60 days.

If you get caught yet again during this second probation period, your license will be revoked for at least six months. When the revocation or suspension ends, you hop back on probo for another six months.


How Can I Avoid These Wack Penalties?

Take your time behind the wheel, no need to impress anyone! Driving is fun but you definitely need a lot of practice. New York City requires at least 50 hours of supervised driving practice for those under age 18.

It’s also important to be open and willing to accept instruction and feedback about safe driving from adults and driver education instructors. It may not seem like parents get it all the time but seriously, they’re here to help you and keep you safe.

So be patient about getting into more complex driving situations. Let it flow and ease into it as your gradually directed by adults and driver education instructors.

Most important thing is to always focus on safe driving. Obey the speed limit, avoiding distractions and always wear your seat belt. Follow these rules and you should be Gucci on the road.


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