How To Write An Effective Dispute Letter For Your Parking Ticket

Your dispute letter can beat a bogus parking ticket

Summary & Quick Facts

  • Make it as easy as possible for the judge to understand both the situation and your argument.
  • When you start writing the body of your letter,  briefly and clearly recount the facts of the incident.
  • Make sure to keep your facts in chronological order.
  • It’s always important to include evidence that backs up your case.
  • Great evidence to use includes photos, diagrams, meter receipts, towing or repair bills police reports, and witness statements.
  • Try to keep frustration, anger or any unnecessary emotions out of your letter.
  • Always strive to sound cool, calm, collected, logical and clear headed.

Writing A Good Dispute Letter Is Key To Victory

It goes without saying that New Yorkers are fighters. Cross them the wrong way and they will fight tooth and nail for what they think is right. It doesn’t matter whether it is proving why we live in the best city in the country or why that dreaded parking ticket we just received is wrong! Don’t be afraid to use that energy to your advantage. With this strong fighting spirit and a little bit of street smarts, you can effectively fight your New York City parking ticket. If you choose to fight your ticket by mail, making sure to properly write your dispute letter is the key to successfully winning your case.

There are various ways to dispute your parking ticket in NYC, however, if you rather not deal with going to court, disputing your ticket online or by mail may be a great way to do this. Regardless of how you choose to fight, having a rock solid argument for your dispute can only help you. Even if your ticket is found to be valid, a good argument can help you stay in the judge’s good grace. So if you make the right argument, you may get your ticket reduced or even get off with just a warning. 


Let’s Learn How To Write A Dispute Letter

It’s always important to first include in your letter evidence that backs up your case. When fighting any parking ticket, be sure to add images, whether its photographs, diagrams, Google Maps street view screenshots, or any other visual aid that can help you set the landscape for your parking ticket dispute. If you decide to use photos, make sure they show building addresses, street names, and signs from the block your car was on. Strive to always provide solid evidence. There are other forms of evidence that can be crucial to proving your case. Don’t be afraid to include meter receipts, towing or repair bills, legitimate witness statements, and police reports to corroborate your story. After all, it plays a big role in helping the judge visualize the environment and context in which you received your ticket. 

Now The Writing Begins…

When you begin to write the body of your dispute letter, start by briefly and clearly recounting the facts of the incident. Always keep in mind that the judge is going to read this. You want to make it as simple as possible for them to grasp the situation and why you believe you are in the right. In order to make your letter easy for the reader to understand, make sure to keep your facts in chronological order.

Always remember that it’s crucial to provide the basic details about what led to you receiving a parking ticket. Start with facts like where and how you parked your vehicle, and when you initially parked as well as when you returned. At the end of the day, facts can be your biggest advocate if used correctly to build your case.  Don’t hit a judge over the head with your conclusions. Rather, try to persuade them by using the facts of the case wisely. Persuasive use of facts is your key to victory.

Watch Your Mouth When You Talk (Or Write) To The Judge

Whether you decide to dispute in person or in a dispute letter, it’s always a good idea to show deference and respect to the judge. After all, they are the ones deciding your case, so you want to present yourself and your argument in the best light. Mind your tone as you write. Although you may feel angry or frustrated with the whole situation, try to keep those emotions out of your letter. Sure it may feel good in the moment to use sarcasm or flat out go off on the situation.  Nevertheless, this can only hurt your case. Always strive to sound calm, collected, logical and clear headed. Do not give the reader a reason to assume that your emotions have clouded your recollection of the facts.

The parking ticket judges know the law, after all, it’s their job! Nevertheless, no need to spend a lot of real estate in your defense letter presenting the entire NYC parking law and codes. There may be instances when quoting the law is essential to your case (the interpretation of the language in the rule may be an issue). Nevertheless, it ’s not always necessary to enlighten a judge or demonstrate how smart you are in NYC parking law. Still, if you do feel the need to explain the law, make sure it’s found in the NYC Violation Codes, Fines, Rules & Regulations, and refer to the appropriate NYC parking rule. We cherish and fight for our own conclusions, as long as they are our conclusions.


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