3 NYC Street Signs That Can Easily Get You A Parking Ticket!

These NYC street signs are a must know!

These 3 NYC Street Signs Are Important!

Drivers cruising the streets of the Big Apple probably see these three NYC street signs quite often: No Standing, No Stopping, and No Parking. Despite being some of the more popular NYC street signs on the road, many drivers often confuse them or don’t know exactly what they mean. This article will clear the cloud of confusion in the air and explain the differences between these three infamous NYC street signs.

Many drivers receive parking tickets for simply not understanding the different rules and regulations each street sign represents. After all, can you really blame them? What the heck does “No Stopping” mean anyway? Can you just blow through any red light that has a “No Stopping” sign on the block? How about “No Standing”?  There must be some arcane law on the books preventing people from standing next to their cars when this sign is visible on the block…right? The vague language can lead to many interpretations that can easily land you some hefty parking tickets. However, if you take a small amount of time to understand them and learn their differences, you will be sure to avoid unnecessary parking tickets.


No Parking

No Parking Anytime NYC Street Sign

On the surface, this NYC street sign might seem rather obvious: You are not allowed to park at this location at any time. But “No Parking” signs do give drivers some leeway in what they can do once they pull into spots that are regulated by this sign.  For example, you may stop to load or unload both packages and merchandise at the curbside. You may also stop to expeditiously drop off and pick up passengers with your vehicle. The kicker to remember however is that this sign does not permit the driver to leave the vehicle unattended at all. Not even for a New York minute!

NO Parking ASP Street Sign

Some “No Parking” signs only apply for specific time periods. The sign will explicitly state the times the regulation is in effect and thus tell you when you will not be able to park. These signs are usually on streets that have Alternate Side Parking regulations in effect. Other “No Parking” signs are in effect indefinitely and will say “No Parking Anytime.” The signs typically have red arrows indicating the direction of the street the regulations apply to.

Keep in mind drivers, any order given by NYPD officers and traffic agents will override the rules stated on the sign. For example, if you are in a spot trying to quickly unload some items you’re moving, a police officer can still order you to move your car. You must oblige! 

No Standing

No Standing Anytime street sign

These NYC street signs can be tricky! “No Standing” signs do not allow drivers to load or unload merchandise at the curb. Nor does it allow drivers to wait at the curb to pick up passengers. Drivers however still can expeditiously drop off passengers at this sign. Drivers may also quickly pick up passengers but remember you can’t wait at the spot! Passengers must always be present at the spot prior to pick up.  

Another very important thing to remember about the “No Standing” sign is that there are two other variations. One of them is the “No Standing Except For Commercial Vehicles” sign. This sign means that while commercial vehicles can stop to unload merchandise and product, passenger vehicles are unable to do so.  This variation of the “No Standing” sign usually specifies the hours the regulation is in effect.

The other variation you may see is the “No Standing Except Trucks Loading/Unloading”. This sign means that only trucks are able to stop curbside to unload merchandise or products. All other vehicles are permitted from parking or stopping for extended periods of time in this space.


No Stopping

NYC Street Signs - No Stopping

Of all three NYC street signs discussed in this article, “No Stopping” signs are perhaps the strictest. “No Stopping” signs mean that drivers cannot stop curbside for any reason whatsoever! This means you cannot stop to either drop off or pick up passengers, to wait for passengers to arrive, or even load and unload merchandise. The only time that you can ever stop at one of these signs is if it is a true emergency or if you are directed to do so by an NYPD officer.

If you have received a parking ticket for any of the signs we’ve talked about, don’t just throw it in your glove box! You’re better off learning the best and most cost-efficient ways to get it out of sight and out of mind. Our article on how to pay a New York City parking ticket will definitely help you do that! After all, who wants to stress about a parking ticket? Let alone all the additional late fees you might face. If you really don’t think you deserve any of these tickets, take a look at our article on how to fight a parking ticket and fight the good fight!

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