Taxi Stands vs Taxi Relief Stands

Driving passengers to and fro in New York City is stressful enough. Getting a parking ticket for stopping at the wrong sign is an unneeded headache. As a taxi driver, it’s important to know the difference between a taxi stand and a taxi relief stand.

Taxi Stand

A taxi stand is a no standing zone for any vehicle that is not a licensed taxi. This is a designated area for taxis waiting to pick up passengers. This doesn’t give taxi drivers free reign, though. Taxis are allowed to stand, not park, so if you leave your vehicle for any reason, even to “run to the bathroom for 30 seconds,” you’re eligible for a parking ticket.

Other vehicles may also stop just long enough to pick up or drop off passengers only. That means not merchandise loading or unloading.

Taxi Relief Stand

A taxi relief stand is where you’ll want to leave your car if you need to relieve yourself. Drivers are allowed to park and leave their vehicles at taxi relief stands for up to one hour to take care of any personal business without fear of being ticketed. Some taxi relief stands only allow taxis, while others allow for hire vehicles (FHV) as well, so keep an eye out.

Where can you find these stands? You can check out the New York City DOT’s Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle Relief Stands list here.

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