Pay on Time: Parking Ticket Late Fees

One thing we can all agree on is that coming back to that ominous orange envelope on your windshield can ruin an otherwise good day. We can also all agree that it’s important to pay bills on time. However, not everyone knows what the City of New York considers to be “on time.”

Once you are issued a parking or camera ticket, you have 30 days to pay it. On day 31, late payment fees and interest will start to be added to parking tickets. The fee schedule is as follows:

31 days – Ticket + $10
61 days – Ticket + $30
81 days – Ticket + $60

Camera tickets are a little different. They receive a $25 penalty after 30 days. Interest may also be added later.

If your unpaid or undisputed ticket reaches around the 100-day mark, it will go into judgement. What does it mean for a ticket to go into judgement? According to the City’s parking ticket information brochure:

This means the City takes the legal step of entering a default judgment against you for the entire amount, plus penalties and interest. Your name is entered into public court records stating that you owe the debt. The City can take steps to collect the debt, such as sending it to a collection agency or seizing your assets.

In addition, once your judgment total for all tickets reaches $350, you could be booted or towed, so it’s best to pay your oldest tickets first if you find yourself having financial difficulties. You may also be interested in a payment plan, which you can learn more about here.

It’s important to note however, that major daily life interruptions, such as COVID-19, can affect these times. You can stay up-to-date by calling 311 or visiting them online here.

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