What You Need to Know About Temporary Parking Rules

As you already know, signs rule the street when it comes to parking. Unfortunately, these signs don’t always agree, so what’s a motorist to do? When in doubt, refer to the newest sign. According to the New York City Department of Transportation Traffic Rules:

(6) Paper or other temporary signs. Any paper or other temporary signs posted by authorized agencies shall supersede all existing posted rules for the days and times specified.

As stated above, these signs could be a simple piece of paper that can last from a few hours to a few days. Or it could be a plastic or even metal sign covering a longer-term, but still temporary project. As always, pay attention to details. Temporary signs often have active date and time information that determines when they’ll be in effect. And, of course, if you’re worried about getting a ticket, make sure to take pictures of the sign when you park. That way, in the unfortunate case where you have to dispute a ticket, you don’t leave your fate up to the whims of any passersby that can pull down a paper sign.

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