Universal No Standing Zones in New York City

Similarly to general no stopping zones, general no standing zones exist throughout the City, as well. Unless otherwise posted or directed by a law enforcement officer, stopping is allowed at a general no standing zone, but standing and parking are not. Remember the following no standing zones to avoid unnecessary tickets:

  1. Double parking. Double parking is allowed for no more than 20 minutes while actively loading or unloading goods or passengers. In addition, you cannot block the flow of traffic. There must be at least 10 feet of free roadway width available for other vehicles.
  2. Driveways, unless you are personally permitted by the owner of the property.
  3. Parks at night, except in designated parking areas.
  4. Bus lanes.
  5. Within fifty feet of a railroad.
  6. Safety zones.
  7. Pedestrian ramps.

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