Disability Parking Permits in NYC

Traveling around New York City with disabilities can be very difficult. Fortunately, permits exist to make the experience less stressful. If you’re a disabled person driving in New York City, there are two permits that you’ll need to have for full parking benefits: a New York State disability parking permit and a New York City Parking Permit for People with Disabilities (NYC PPPD).


New York State Permits

You can qualify for a New York State permit if you have a severe mobility impairment as certified by a New York State-licensed doctor. You don’t have to be a driver to qualify, so blind individuals and children may qualify for the permit as well. As per the New York City Department of Transportation, one of the following can qualify you for a New York State disability permit:

  • have limited or no use of one or both legs;
  • have a neuro-muscular dysfunction which severely limits mobility;
  • have another physical or mental disability which makes the use of public transportation difficult; or
  • be legally blind.

The State of New York also honors disability permits from other states and countries. In New York City, these permits can only be used at designated parking locations for people with disabilities. They do not, however, allow parking on New York City streets. To do so, you must get a New York City Parking Permit for People with Disabilities.


New York City Parking Permits for People with Disabilities (NYC PPPD)

Having a NYC PPPD along with a NYS permit, gives one full disabled parking benefits in New York City by allowing street parking in normally restricted areas. As per the New York City Department of Transportation, these areas include:

  • At any metered parking space, Passenger or Commercial, without charge
  • At any “No Parking” space regardless of hours including those for Street Cleaning regulations
  • At any space designated for use by Authorized Vehicles, including Diplomats (DPL), New York Press (NYP) or any governmental agency, except spaces designated for Ambulances and Ambulettes
  • In any “No Standing except Trucks Loading/Unloading or Truck Loading” Zone (EXCEPTION: Garment District parking area on cross town streets 35th-41st Streets, between 6th and 8th Avenues). These signs should be read carefully; permit holders may park only during the days and times that trucks may park.

You do not have to be a resident of New York City to apply for a NYC PPPD, so out of state and international visitors are welcome to apply. To learn more about parking permits for people with disabilities, you can visit the NYC DOT information page here.

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