Parking Ticket Mistakes Can Work For You

One of the easiest ways to get out of paying a ticket is to catch errors made by the officer who issued it. Possibly the most common error and the one you want to check straight away is the Place of Occurrence.

Issuing officers are required to enter detailed information about the location of your vehicle when giving the ticket. Simply the street name is not enough. So if the Place of Occurrence is especially vague or just plain wrong, don’t be afraid to dispute it! It may very well be worth your time. This, of course, goes for any vehicle information on the front of the ticket as well.

Remember to always present a thorough argument when disputing. What may seem obvious to you, may appear debatable to someone else, and when that someone else is a judge, it can cost you money. Always take photos of your care before leaving. And use the DOT Map and Google Maps’ street view to help prove your point.

One last tip: Don’t be dissuaded by a printed ticket! Just because a computer printed the information, doesn’t mean that a human didn’t enter it. While it’s easier to catch errors on handwritten tickets, any ticket can have a mistake, so be vigilant!

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