Get Good Proof Before You Dispute

When you get a parking ticket, your first reaction may be anger or despair, but don’t let emotions cloud your better judgement. Photographic evidence taken closer in time to the ticket is more likely to be accepted by a judge. If you think you were in the right, get the evidence before you go to increase your chances of winning a dispute.

Here are some tips that might make the difference between a guilty and not guilty judgement:

  • Take a lot of pictures! One picture often isn’t enough to prove your innocence.
  • Make sure your car’s make, model, color and license plate number can be clearly seen in your pictures.
  • If you are disputing a specific location, make sure that any visible building numbers and/or street signs are included or your car’s relative position to landmarks that prove your innocence.
  • If you have tape measure, take a picture of the distance from your car to the offending location.

Remember! The more information you provide, the better. You want to provide easy, undeniable evidence that you weren’t in the wrong, so it’s easier for the judge to slap your ticket with a satisfying NOT GUILTY.

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