Disputing Tickets on a License That’s No Longer Yours

What do you do when you receive notice of a New York City parking ticket for a license plate that you no longer own?


Yes, but slow down. When did you give up ownership of this plate and why? Whether your plate was returned, lost, or stolen, the first question to ask yourself is if you have dated proof that you no longer own this plate.

When you lose ownership of your license plate, it’s important to get dated proof of what happened:

  • If you sell your car, be sure to:
  • If your plate is lost or stolen, don’t wait; report it to the police department immediately. Make sure that you keep a dated record of the police report that includes your license plate number.

It can be easy to dispute a ticket for an old plate, but it requires some due diligence on your part. Make sure that you present enough official written evidence to make your case undeniable. Otherwise, how will the judge know you’re telling the truth? You can learn more about and file a dispute here.

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