A Medical Emergency Can Be a Parking Ticket Defense

It’s not uncommon to receive a parking ticket for reasons completely out of control due to medical complications. When it comes to a medical emergency, it’s health first, car later. It sure does sting, however, to come back to a parking ticket on top of whatever astronomical bill the hospital has decided to grace your wallet and your sanity with already.

You may think to yourself, “It’s not fair that I have to pay a parking ticket when my or my loved one’s life was on the line.” And you may be right, but what does a judge think?

Disputing a ticket with a medical emergency as an argument is absolutely valid, but like with any dispute, you must provide solid evidence that what you experience was indeed the emergency you claim it to be. The strongest evidence includes the time and date. In this situation, some possible submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Official copies of hospital or other medical facility records
  • Written statements from medical professionals involved (make sure they reference the time)
  • Parking meter receipts

Remember to make your defense thorough, but to the point. Because such conditions are evaluated on a case by case basis, you’re not guaranteed to win, but you have a decent shot if your argument is thorough and within reason.

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