Special Parking Rules in NYC

The City of New York has several parking rules that may not be known by the average person, because they apply to somewhat specific situations. Don’t be caught by a parking ticket unawares if you plan to do any of the following.

Special NYC Parking Rules

  • No parking to display a vehicle for sale on any roadway or off-street parking.
  • No parking a vehicle on a roadway or off-street parking for professional washing, greasing, or repair. Of course, you can perform repairs in an emergency situation.
  • Parking for commercial advertisement.
  • If you’re a peddler, vendor, or hawker, you cannot stop, stand, or park within 25 feet of a corner, within 500 feet of a public market, or within 200 feet of a school.
  • You may not leave your vehicle unattended without stopping the engine, locking the ignition, and removing the key.
  • You cannot reserve a parking space unofficially, meaning that you can’t block someone else from parking by placing an object in said parking space.

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