General No Parking Zones

In New York City, signs generally indicate no parking, no standing, or no stopping. Of the three, no parking is the most lenient, as it implies that you can temporarily stop or stand in these areas unless otherwise indicated. And, like no standing and no stopping zones, there are general no parking zones that may not always be marked with a sign.

The following areas are general no parking zones in New York City. Unless otherwise marked by a sign or instructed by a law enforcement officer, parking in one of these areas is a quick way to a ticket.

  1. Emergency sites.
    Within a block of a site where emergency work is being done. Of course, if you’re involved in the activity that is going on at said emergency site, you are allowed to park there.
  2. Vacant lots.
    Vacant lots are not free real estate. If you do not have written permission from the owner of a vacant lot, you are liable to get a ticket.
  3. Marginal street and waterfronts.
    According to the City of New York’s Traffic Rules:
    The term “marginal street” means any street, road, place, area or way adjoining or adjacent to waterfront property and designated as a marginal street, wharf or place on a plan or map adopted, pursuant to law.

Drive safely and park wisely! For more information, check out the New York City Traffic Rules here.